Here are ways you can help our Military Veterans




I Journey will be holding periodic community fundraisers where everyone can enjoy a donation based sound healing, gentle yoga, meditation, fresh foods, and check out where all the magic happens.

Thank you to all who have supported this venture. We look forward to watching this seedling of an idea grow into a beautiful forest of light,hope,and understanding of the Wellness connection for the community at large. 

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Donations go towards:

-Graduation Gift Baskets ($300 piece) consisting of many alternative healing gadgets, essential oils and diffusers, nutritional shakes, yoga mat, yoga blanket, yoga block, yoga strap for at home use.

-Art Supplies/Fundraiser Supplies



I Elites (Volunteer Force)

I Elite: This is our volunteer force to help with the daily grind of running a non-profit or just as a one day helper at an event.  

Location: I Journey is open to hosting events and adventures for veterans to attend, if you or someone is able to donate the property. Some of our requests are: Camping, Hiking, Fishing,  Horses, Hunting, and Boating.

WHO DO YOU KNOW: Just sharing us with someone else is one of the best ways to help a non-profit.