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As a supporter of I Journey we want you to have the best to choose from.

We have gathered the best Veteran owned and operated business and non-profits. These men and women have served the country to the best of their abilities with their blood,sweat, and tears. I Journey has hand selected each member so we can guarantee you that they will work just as hard now to continue serving you. 


I Elite members are also members of the community that support us through social media, donations, and volunteering. You will also have access to exclusive deals and offers for products and services we gather. 


1,000 memeber challage 

I have been doing a lot of thinking about how we can reach my goal of 1000 members in this group. My answer is that we have to put myself out there more to show how important this is for our non-profit with a $100 Gift card to our store + free shipping. I Journey has decided to increase the award for the goal with a few rules of course.

1) We have to reach the goal of 1000 members for the $100 gift card to our store.

2)just by joining the group your name is entered into our oppertunity drawing.

3)If you sign you Vet busniess or non-profit your name is entered 5 times into our drawing.

4) Check out I Journey and send us a message to sign up for free!!!


Hometown Veterans

Mission Statement

We are a veteran owned real estate group created to serve our military community here in San Diego, active duty & retired. We understand the nuances of being in the military, the factors in a PCS move and the benefits and guidelines of a VA loan. We are here to guide you through this process step by step whether you already live in San Diego or are moving here from around the world.


Alexa Kingaard

Now that Paul O’Brien has returned from serving in Vietnam, he wants nothing more than to piece together a meaningful life, but the war spawned, guilt-driven nightmares won't stop haunting him. Elizabeth is determined to help him overcome the obstacles in their path while living in an era when veterans refuse to speak of their pain, they are ignored by the bureaucracy that put them in harm's way, and are vilified by public opinion. Together they struggle a lifetime with the challenges of raising a family and learn to accept the realities of living with the burden that Paul brought home.


Business name

Mission Statement

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