100 year celebration for Women being in the USMC

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Katie served from 1998 to 2003 in the logistics field with 1st Force Service Support Group (1st FSSG), Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Service Support Group 15 (MSSG-15), and Combat Service Support Company-151 (CSSC-151). 


I reported for boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) Parris Island, South Carolina in February 1998. I will always remember the feeling when my Drill Instructor handed me my Eagle, Globe, and Anchor (EGA) while they played: “Proud to be an American.” 


In October 1998, I reported to General Support Maintenance Company (GSM Co.), 1st Maintenance Bn., 1st FSSG, after completing training to become a 0411/Marine Corps Integrated Maintenance Management Systems Clerk (Logistics Management).


It was in 2000 that I volunteered to serve with the (MSSG-15) for the 15th MEU.  We deployed in August 2001. I served on the USS Peleliu and it wasn’t long after we deployed when the attacks of September 11 took place. We were one of the first units called in direct support of 911/OEF, and we didn’t return until March of 2002.


In early 2003 President Bush initiated stop-loss, and I deployed to Kuwait for Operation Iraqi Freedom. While serving in Kuwait I grew to have an even greater appreciation for all those who serve (especially during war time), my strength and courage, and for angels watching over me during a time when I wasn’t sure I would survive. 


After 5 ½ years, I was discharged. I am so proud to be a Marine, through all the beautiful memories and challenges; it is one of my most proud accomplishments and experiences. 

Although we have a long way to go, I do believe we have made huge strides in supporting and helping those who have served our country. 



Since leaving the Marine Corps, I served as a therapist to fellow Veterans at Veterans Village of San Diego and it was one of my most rewarding jobs. I have enjoyed meeting and connecting with so many Veterans through various organizations. I love being a yoga teacher now, along with operating a business with my husband that also focuses on helping the veteran/military community. It is only because of those who have served that we all get to enjoy this country, this world, and this life. God Bless America, I am proud to be an American! Semper Fidelis!